• Estate CrArT 2016. Scoprire la città con le rassegne culturali "Metti una sera d'estate" e "Nati sotto Saturno"
  • Visite guidate a Cremona. Passeggiate alla scoperta della città attraverso percorsi classici o itinerari poco conosciuti
  • Attimimpressi. Quarant’anni di fatti, storie e persone nelle fotografie di Giuseppe Muchetti. 3/30 giugno 2016
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Cremona is CrArt
CrArt is Art in Cremona
CrArt is Tourism in Cremona
CrArt is a city waiting to be discovered and to be rediscovered, it is  narrated Art, it is tourism promotion .
We are young and specialized tourist guides,
We are art historians
who aim at bringing life experience:
by showing the monuments as tangible traces of a distant but still alive past,
showing images as repository of an important  specific period,
framing local history in horizon of History at large,
encouraging visitors to appreciate the diverse forms of beauty that man has encountered in the past centuries and
diversifying the cultural proposals on the basis of individual needs .
Our desire is to make citizens  walking along the streets in Cremona to lift up their eyes and admire its beautiful monuments, as well as to accompany tourists to the discovery of a city which  still has a lot to tell us.
Cremona is place to visit, live Cremona with us.